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Eberspächer Titronic and Plugtronic

Electrical Heaters

Basic heating, pre-heating, additional heating

All-electric heat from various sources

Passengers in minibuses and midibuses require comfortable temperatures that are reached rapidly and easily. The same applies to the driver who needs to perform to their best and concentrate fully in order to be able to ensure complete safety during the journey. With the Plugtronic electric pre-heater and the Titronic high-voltage water heater from Eberspächer, this is no problem at all.

Plugtronic electric pre-heater

Comfort from the socket

Perfect for operation in garages or parking areas: As an intelligent complete system, the Eberspächer Plugtronic consisting of water heater, air heater, water pump, battery charger and cable system rapidly pre-heats the engine and passenger compartment completely without emissions. In addition to various universal packages consisting of all components, various sets are also available. A special set comprising a water heater, a water pump, a cable system and an air heater with plug is available for the public safety segment. The water heater pre-heats the engine and the driver’s cab, while the air heater can be flexibly installed in the rear area where it provides warmth.

Water heater power range: 0.8 to 1.8 kW
Air heater power range: 1.2 to 1.8 kW
Complete system for 230 V AC 

The main benefits:

  • Simple retrofitting and rapid installation in various positions
  • Also ideally suited for short distances
  • Battery charger compensates for battery discharge due to the water pump or short-distance driving
  • Perfectly coordinated modular system
  • Optimum temperatures in the rear area and driver’s cab
  • The water heater is installed in the engine compartment to save space
  • The air heater can be flexibly positioned in the interior


Plugtronic data sheet

Titronic high-voltage coolant heaters – developed for OEM applications

High level of heating comfort in minibuses and midibuses

The Eberspächer Titronic coolant heaters permit both high heating comfort and battery conditioning for electric and hybrid vehicles. Depending on how the product is installed in the vehicle, either both or only one application is available. The Titronic can provide comfortable heating and battery conditioning thanks to safe, high-performance PTC technology. The benefit of battery conditioning: The battery’s service life is extended, charging time is decreased and range is increased. All electronic components were developed in house at Eberspächer and are ideally coordinated with each other.

Power range: 5 kW / 350 V DC

The main benefits:

  • Heating performance from 0 % to 100 % in just a few seconds
  • Compact design, versatile installation options
  • Simple system integration
  • Comfortable heating in the passenger compartment
  • Compact design


Titronic data sheet